Wilkes-Barre Non-Illuminated Signs, Vinyl Banners and Vehicle Decals

We can design and install every type of non-illuminated business sign. Whatever your need and
application, Sign Renderings can make a product to fit.

Commercial Awnings

A Commercial Awning is functional advertising at it’s best! Providing cover from the elements, and blocking the direct heat from the sun, a commercial awning will make your entrance more attractive to customers, and will help your utility bill at the same time.

Carved Signs

A carved sign will set you apart from your competition. When paired with a goldleaf finish, these signs give an extremely polished, well respected appearance. They are a way to show your proficiency in your industry.

Vinyl Banners

With Vinyl Banners you have the flexibility of using these for promotion on vehicles, and interior or exterior surfaces. Cost effective and durable, vinyl banners are a great way to increase your brand recognition.

Monument Signs

Typically made out of a architectural grade aluminum or high durability foam, monument signs draw a significant amount of attention while being extremely durable. Monuments can be designed in many different styles to fit the exact look you’re going for.

Vehicle Decals

We offer high resolution vehicle decals to promote your business for tens of thousands of miles. Vehicle Decals can be made reflective, and extremely eye catching. Vehicle decals are a great way to increase exposure in new markets, and to make your business look even more professional.